Forklift Operator (Fin)



Job Description


Php 12000-15000

Key Responsibilities

· Operate and behave in safe manner, following safe work instructions and execute learning from Safety training

· Compliance to the PPE Program

· Attend Safety Training

· Report and Participate on any Accident/incident investigation

· Report Safety Hazards

· Implements proper lifting technique

· Safety inspection checklist prior to driving forklift

· Observe 2 meter rule when going near pedestrians

· Avoid and correct leaning stacks

· Observe speed limit

· Go slow and use horn when passing through blind curves or pedestrian lanes

· Housekeeping including but not limited to transfer of rubbish and other trash in sacks, transfer of broken pallets and gluts, broken/rejected sheets/interleavers to designated areas, etc

· Compliance with all Quality related program (Run Guide, WIP program, Gluts program, packing configuration, Measuring Instruments validation and calibration etc.)

· Adherence and execution of issues raised on the Quality Communications

· Finished Goods Audit Completion.

· Finished Goods Locator sheet

· Ensure stacks transferred to warehouse have proper stencil or product flash if required, finished goods ticket, packing sheet, palletized properly, etc.

· Performs necessary operational adjustment to ensure that sheets processed are completed in time and in accordance with the technical specification.

· Execute proper pick up and transferring of stacks also safely maneuver forklift around stacks to prevent forklift attributable rejects.

· Render support with other teams if necessary

· Share techniques and learning with other members

· Communicate forklift issues during handover with incoming operator



dave ricardo

United States