Manufacturing Support



Job Description


Php 10000

Key Responsibilities

· Preparation of interleavers and steam strips based on JHPI standard

· Ensure timely and accurate completion of all documentation as required

· Manual processing of fiber cement products including sampling, break-up, grading, inspection, rework and recovery.

· Support the preparation of fiber cement products such as stacking and branding

· Support validation of overall compliance of products

· Support rework and recovery of fiber cement to improve yield.

· Provide cleaning support as required

· Report abnormalities of manual equipment (Guillotine, Beam Saw, manual conveyors)

· Shredding of fiber cement rejects

· Support in handling process wastes, dust, rejects and by-products for recycling

· Support recycling activities to the standards and quality required.

· Report abnormalities of recycling equipment (shredder, dust collector, cleaning screens, sludge system).

· Comply with EH&S policies and procedures (SAC, GCTW, LOTO, PPEs)

· Attend safety and other training as required.

· Participate in team activities e.g, handover discussions as required.

· Support activities to ensure compliance with government regulatory requirements.



dave ricardo

United States