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Ocean Associates, Inc.

4007 N. Abingdon Street
Arlington VA 22207
United States
The organization of OAI is designed to provide the highest level of expertise to its clients at the fairest cost. This design is a flexible organization that is centered around Dr. Everett, who serves as President and one of the Senior Associates of OAI. To ensure that OAI's organization has the expertise demanded by its clients, Dr. Everett has recruited a select group of Senior Associates that have expertise in each of OAI's business areas. Additional Associates (beyond these) have worked on industry financial services, on hundreds of scientific and administrative projects, on aquaculture animal health and aquaculture modelling, on Information Technology, on engineering, on acquisition office support, on outreach, on Law Enforcement support and on NOAA history. On any day about 300 people are working for OAI customers in locations from Gloucester, Massachusetts to the Western Pacific Island Territories, and to the Arctic and Antarctic. The Senior Associates are all available to advise when requested and to work on appropriate Tasks. We have employees in a dozen states plus consultants in others and in several countries.

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